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How did Campfire Logic get started?

A Typical Campfire for the Campfire Logic crewTruth be told, it was some random weekend in the summer of 2009 and it started out like any one of our gazillion camping trips.  There is always a trifecta of excellent conditions.   Friends, campfires and of course, booze.  In my adult life, those 3 ingredients have been a mainstay when I talk about camping trips, but there was something different about this particular trip.

Now, I don’t know what exactly that “different” thing was, maybe it was the full moon, maybe a vortex of energy opened up of some kind, or maybe….. it was just the beer.

Normally, the girls in our crew drink mixed drinks when we are together.  Not this particular night.  This evening called for an ice-cold top to be popped…more than once.

Outdoor kitchen for the Campfire Logic crewAs we all know, it takes quite a bit of effort to make our home away from home at the very least functional enough so that we can all come together around the most glorious of rings…the campfire.  Every camper knows this is the center point of all campsites.  In a house, it’s usually the kitchen, but out in the fresh, clean air – the campfire becomes the congregation point.

The campfire holds special power.  It’s mesmerizing and puts you in a whole different mindset.  It’s the place that everyone is equal; everyone has a story to tell and is never shy to tell it.  It’s the place that never gets boring, there’s always different people going in and out of the circle, sharing this or that.

And if you don’t like who you’re sitting next to, you can always go “use the restroom” (that’s a whole different blog entirely) and when you come back, you find somebody “took your spot”, Whoops (tee-hee)!  Not that I’ve ever done that!

So the evening was set into motion, everyone talking, laughing, telling jokes and giving opinions on how to solve the worlds’ problems.  Our solutions to those problems were both simplistic and brilliant at the same time, especially on that particular night.

We had done it, we had solved them all, world hunger, over crowded countries, pollution and of course, the dreaded greenhouse gas build up. (unfortunately like most campfire sessions accompanied with alcohol, we can’t remember any of our solutions!)   And there it was, gleeming in the dark, someone said it…”It’s campfire logic.”  Campfire Logic.  It rang throughout the hills and valleys of northern Arizona, like angels singing.

It was to be the start of something beautiful.

From that point on that phrase kept coming up in different conversations throughout the rest of the year.  Then we began thinking of ways on how we could apply it to the online world.

We decided that there are a lot of us out there, campers that would gain the benefit of having useful information and products for all types of camping and outdoor activities.  In our crew we have tent campers, popup campers, RV’ers, toy haulers, and guys that just sleep in their trucks. In our group, there is no “best” way to camp, just CAMP!

We’ve camped in torrential downpours, sprinkles every few hours, gale force winds, and yes, much to my personal dismay…even snow.  When you live in Arizona you learn this statement to be true, if you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes, that’ll change!

We wanted to bring you products and information that will be helpful in dealing with any condition you might find yourself in, in the great outdoors.

And if you can’t find it on our site….wait 5 minutes, that’ll change!