Dogs Camping Safely


Camping with your dog is something that can be enjoyed by all.  There is nothing better than being able to take your entire family camping.  But with dogs there are a few certain things that you must keep in mind. For instance first aid…you have made a first aid kit for your human family members but is there something you need special for your dog?  I will tackle this issue and a few others for your consideration.

First Aid

Hopefully you will never need to use it.  But let’s be honest, you’re whole goal is to get away from the city, which means your family vet.  You are going to be the sole provider of medical care if needed, so be prepared. 

Your local Red Cross office should have first aid classes, and some even have specialty classes for pet first aid.  Having that knowledge under your belt will serve you, not only in the wilderness but in life as well. 

Next, get a pet first aid kit. You can find them at your local pet shop or online.  If you can’t find one to buy, you can always make your own (and I will walk you through that in a different article). Once you have it in place, please be sure and review the expiration dates on all medication regularly.  If some have expired get them replaced immediately. 


When we are camping we tend to let our diets go just a little.  Breathing in the fresh air, hiking, boating, etc. we seem to have a bigger appetite too.  Fido wants in on all this action too, but be careful about letting his diet go.   Dogs have a more sensitive digestive system than we do.  

Giving in to those sad eyes over cookies or s’mores is not doing him any favors. Instead bring some extra dog treats so he can enjoy desert time around the campfire with you. 

Make sure you are putting food and garbage in containers that Fido won’t get into as well as the other creatures that are interested out there. 

Fido might have a bigger appetite as well (just like us), so bringing a little bit more dog food might not be such a bad idea.

 Loud Noises

If your family enjoys shooting guns, paintball, or other activities that give off loud noises please reconsider taking your dog, if he is not used to being around those noises.  Now is not the time to introduce a loud activity, Fido can get extremely anxious which can lead to running off into the wilderness or if he on lead he could become entangled in his lead trying to get free. 

There is a time and place for everything, so if the loud activity is paramount to the trip, Fido will be glad to wait for the next outing!