An Organized Campsite

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Being out in nature doesn’t mean things need to go helter skelter. Yes, you are wanting to get away from routine, but when keys go missing or Little Johnny can’t find his flashlight for midnight potty run..this can make the trip seem a little less enjoyable. Having little forethought can make your campsite more manageable and make for a stress free camp trip.

Unpack Logically

When you arrive at the campsite, you are excited and just want to get the unpacking over as soon as possible. Staying focused and unpacking logically will get you there just as fast as doing it haphazardly. First things first, you will need shelter – get the tents up. If the kids are old enough pair them up and have them help each other to raise the tent – or have an adult team up with a child. It will give them a great sense of accomplishment. Next, food and drink, you will need to set up the “kitchen”. Lastly, the recreation area. If you brought a hammock, horseshoes, etc. set them up last as a reward and kick off your camping trip.

Be Consistent

Keep silverware in the “blue bin” or keep the flashlights in in the “yellow bag”…whatever you keep your items in stay consistent and encourage your family/co-campers do the same.

Location, Location, Location

Make sure everyone is aware of their surroundings. If you are in a developed campsite, write the site number on index cards that the kids can carry on them in case they get turned around. If you are in an undeveloped site, make sure they are aware of distinct landmarks.

Key Keeper

Everyone has a story about being out in the middle of nowhere locked out of their vehicle. No fun, and doesn’t have to happen on your camping trip. Designate someone to be in charge of the keys, that person will be the only one that will keep them. If you don’t like that idea, bring a spare set that another adult can hold on to as well. That way no one says “I thought you had them….” If you put them in a pocket that can be secured, it has less of a chance to fall out or shimmy its way down to the bottom of your pack.

The Light Leads the Way

If you are camping with kids, and even if you’re not – everyone needs their own light source at dark. Lanterns are good for lighting a large area, but not real practical for trips the lieu at night. Flashlights are good and very common for a light source – the ones that you can crank work great because you don’t have to worry about the batteries anymore! Headlamps are another good choice for your lighting needs. They can be worn by the kids strapped onto a long necklace when they’re not being used, so they won’t be misplaced when the need arises. Another suggestion is to get different colors, that way everyone can easily identify who’s is who’s.

Home Sweet Home

Just because your roughing it, doesn’t mean it has to feel that way ALL the time.

  • Try putting a second hand rug or a good sized piece of indoor-outdoor carpet in front of the tents. Not only does it add a “welcome mat” feel but it also keeps dirt and debris out of the tent.
  • Keeping flip flops and a flashlight/headlamp at the door of the tent will mean easier middle of the night potty breaks.
  • Keeping a glow stick or dim light in the tent hammock can make for a great night light for those of us who are a little scared of the dark.

Adding little things to your site can be the touch of coziness you’ve been missing.