Choosing the Right RV

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The RV, Recreational Vehicle, has come a long way in years past. There are some that make my actual home look like a shanty-town dwelling. And there are some that make my home look like castle.

There are all shapes and sizes, some built for hauling toys, others built for just one person.

To be able to navigate your way in this RV world you should become familiar with the different classes:

Class A

These are motor homes that are usually built on commercial truck or passenger bus chassis. They are the top of the line RV’s , they can have slide-outs to add more living space. The usually have a diesel engine but you can find them with gas engines as well.

Class B

Mostly known as camper-vans, they are exactly what they sound like – converted vans to give more head room and living space.

Class C

These are built on the larger truck chassis. It would be like taking a truck cab and attaching an RV body to it. They are easier to handle driving compared to a class A, but they are much smaller in size then a class A. There are also toy haulers available in this class.

Fifth-Wheel Trailers

They can come in many shapes and sizes but they all share how they are attached to your truck for towing. You will need a special hitch in the bed of your pick up truck called a fifth wheel coupling. One of the benefits of having a fifth wheel is that some of the trailer extends over the truck bed therefore shortening your total length in tow.

Travel Trailers

These are your typical tow behind trailers. They usually attach by a normal ball hitch. You can get them in various sizes or in a pop up style. These are what you would probably start out getting if you are interested in ditching the tent finally.

Truck Campers

I’m sure we’ve seen a hunter on their way to the hunt or known somebody with one of these. These are usually for short trips or a bachelor. They are campers that can slide into the back of a pickup truck.

Finding an RV that will fit into your life will be easy to do with all these different types to choose from, but be honest with yourself and your family about how much work you want (or don’t want) to put into your recreational lifestyle. If you are mechanically inclined then having a Class A, B, or C might be for you. And if you’re not mechanical, maybe something without an engine or transmission might be more your style. Are the kids almost grown or being teenagers and not wanting to come along the outdoor adventure? Then maybe downsizing needs to be the consideration. Whatever your concerns are just be upfront about it. Talking to other people that own RV’s will be your best resource yet – they will know all the in’s and out’s, the pros and the cons.

So the question becomes what are you wanting out of your RV?